Episode 199 - Almost There!


This is it, the last episode before we break out that can of silkworm pupae that has been waiting for us for at least the last year. But until then, we have beer, wine, white chocolate Pringles, dark chocolate coconut, curry cashews, and a Hungry Man meal for the ages.

We even have some preview larva as a warm up.

All that, and even more, when We Eat It, So You Don't Have To!

Topics of discussionEdit

Dogs Suits Book tour


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Episode # Item Rating Scale Source Notes
199 The Naked Grape Malbec 2 Suits -
199 Next Organics Dark Chocolate Coconut 5 Suits -
199 Jaz Gourmet Food Bacon Cheddar Onion Muffins 4 Suits -
199 Freyja Hris sukkulati 4 Suits -
199 Aunt Anne's Pretzel Pocket Sandwich Ham & Cheese 7 Suits -
199 Boom Chicka Puff Sweet BBQ 2 Suits -
199 Peeled Snacks Organic Peas Please Southwest Spice -1 Suits -
199 White Footed Hefe Ale 6 Suits -
199 Freyja Mondlur 5 Suits -
199 Appolo Lakkris 5 Suits -
199 Bitafiskur Gaedafiskur 6 Suits -
199 World Direct California Candy Coconut Curry Cashews 4 Suits Gift - Lillysona
199 Larvets Original Worm Snax BBQ 5 Suits -
199 Lesley Stowe Raincoast Crisps Fig & Olive crackers 3.5 Suits -
199 Hraun 3.5 Suits -
199 Icelandic Moss Syrup 6 Suits -
199 Oreo Pumpkin Spice 5 Suits -
199 Celebrity Dairy Goat Fudge 7 Suits -
199 Honey Bunches of Oats Breakfast Biscuits Chocolate Chip 4 Suits -
199 Hebrew National Kosher Beef Bagel Dogs 5 Suits -
199 Pringles White Chocolate 2 Suits -
199 Hungry Man Selects Boneless Fried Chicken & Waffles 3.5 Suits -
199 Utz Jalapeno Chips 6 Suits -
199 Kellog's Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Cereal 4 Suits -
199 Trivento Argentina 2014 Malbec Reserve 8 Suits -
199 Cackalacky Cheerwine Sauce 7.5 Suits -
199 PF Changs General Chang's Chicken 5 Suits -
199 Vintage Ink Boundless Red Wine 2012 5 Suits -


  • At approximately 70 minutes ...

Kevin: Nope, not bad

Ursula: You know what else isn't bad that we haven't mentioned at any point in this show?

Kevin: Sofawolf Press?

Ursula: Yes! We should really mention our sponsors. Sofawolf Press. More than not bad, they're awesome.

  • At approximately 83 minutes ...

Ursula: And Tortie is currently on my lap and has decided to be a lap kitten right now which is very unusual. Last time she decided that was because I had put on good pants and was about to do a school visit. Tortie is a very self directed individual. She loves the little orange cat, she will groom the others, she will groom Smokey, and she apparently loves me. But she is in charge of herself and has no interest in conforming to anyone's desires. I did not believe it about tortishell cats but she is fucking weird. The wandering around blatting to herself is so odd

Kevin: Do you know what will not blat at you at all hours day and night?

Ursula: Uhh, unless something is wrong in which case you need to be blatted at.

Kevin: That's correct.

Ursula: Dash Systems!

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