Episode 40 - “It's like snot with attitude”


This week we have a special treat - cheap food from Paris! (Don't worry, we won't try to pronounce it) There is also a lot of Seinfeld references, including a Soupman Soup, chocolate babkas, and the problems with the final episode. Throw in the three legged beagle, and it's just another week in our kitchen, where we eat it so you don't have to.

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Episode # Item Rating Scale Source Notes
40 Tradition Instant Noodles Imitation Chicken Flavor 1.5 Seinfeld Episodes -
40 Souffer's Farmer's Harvest Spaghetti & Meatballs with Vegetable Medley 2 Seinfeld Episodes -
40 Tuna Helper Creamy Parmesan 2 Seinfeld Episodes -
40 Banquet Homestyle Bakes Cheesy Ham & Hash Browns 3 Seinfeld Episodes -
40 120 Santa Rita Sauvignon Blanc 4 Seinfeld Episodes -
40 Smutty Nose Old Brown Dog Ale 5 Seinfeld Episodes -
40 Soupman Broccoli & Cheese Soup 6 Seinfeld Episodes -
40 Tornados Cheesy Pepper Jack 6 Seinfeld Episodes -
40 Polar Whole Smoked Oysters with Vegetables in Olive Oil 7 Seinfeld Episodes -
40 Monoprix Lapin aux 2 Moutardes 10 Seinfeld Episodes -


  • At approximately ? min ...

Kevin: While I'm piercing the cover of the container with a knife or fork

Ursula: Hot!

Kevin: And you're dying over there, can you talk about one of our sponsors?

Ursula: (mumbles) We have sponsors...

Kevin: That's a no...?

Ursula: Sponsors, we have them.

Kevin: Yes.

Ursula: Monoceros Media ...

  • At approximately ? min ...

Kevin: So let me talk about one of our other sponsors.

Ursula: Yes.

Kevin: Dash Systems...