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Episode 246 - Stepford Foods


So this week we are all over the map. Literary discussions about The Last Temptation of Christ, discussions of "man butt" in video games, non-spoiler-ish talk of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2...just, everything. We also eat some food. Some very, very poor food choices, and some that are "worth the toe."

There is also beer, cider, wine, limited time potato chips, and a key lime rum cake, when We Eat It, So You Don't Have To!

Topics of discussionEdit

  • The Temptation of Christ
  • Dogskull Patch
  • Kevin's Thesis on the porn industry
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Dragon Age and manbutts


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Episode # Item Rating Scale Source Notes
246 Utz Grilling Classic Sweet Corn Chips 3 Manbutts -
246 Utz Grilling Classic Grilled Hot Dog Chips 5 Manbutts -
246 Mama's Little Yellow Pillsner Oscar Blues Brewery 4 Manbutts - It was drinkable but if you're competing with Budweiser you have to do better
246 Think Jerky Sriracha Honey 4 Manbutts -
246 Dunkin Heinz Perfect Size For One Smores Cake 5 Manbutts - Ursula - 3

Kevin - 5, Dunkin Whores Smores

246 Angry Orchard Easy Apple 5 Manbutts -
246 Go For Fries Cheddar and Bacon 1 Manbutts -
246 Lays BLT 3.5 Manbutts -
246 Lays Lime and Sea Salt -1 Manbutts - Abysmal and disgusting
246 Yum Roadside Root Beer Hard Candy 6 Manbutts -
246 Bold Rocks Citris Cider 4 Manbutts - All aftertaste
246 Brag's Vinaigrette 7 Manbutts -
246 Bird's Eye Steam Fresh Protein Tuscany Style 1 Manbutts -
246 Bird's Eye Steam Fresh Couscous Pasta and Spinach 5 Manbutts -
246 Chocovivo Coffee Vanilla and Dark Chocolate 10 Manbutts Gift - Lance
246 Stouffer's Three Cheese Ravioli and Bake 5 Manbutts -
246 Lemongrass Kitchen Chicken Pad Thai 5 Manbutts -
246 Pagota Pork Potstickers 6 Manbutts - Potstickers were a 4, ponzu sauce was a 6
246 Cracker Barrel Oven Baked Harvarti 4 Manbutts -
246 Coop's Hot Fudge 10 Manbutts Gift - Laina & Erin
246 Nora Pasta Side Smokehouse Bacon Parmesan 3 Manbutts -
246 Tortuga Rum Cake Key Lime 4 Manbutts - Aggressively Key Lime
246 Smartmade White Wine Chicken and Couscous 1 Manbutts - Wretchedly ugly
246 Manchurian Yakusoba Teriyaki Chicken 4 Manbutts -
246 Cheez-it Italian Four Cheese 5 Manbutts -
246 Nature Valley Granola Cups Peanut Butter Chocolate 4 Manbutts - 8 with hot fudge
246 Hell or High Watermelon Wheat Beer 6 Manbutts -
246 Savsat Cranberry and Honey WTF Manbutts Gift - Lance


  • At approximately 58 minutes...

Kevin: Do you know what else demonstrates Ursula's fine, fine storytelling skills?

Ursula: Well, once the book comes out it will be the amazing Louve Trofkey, whatever her real name is, I don't know anymore, doesn't matter, who is doing the illustrated version of Summer in Orcus, which is coming out this summer. Fall.

Kevin: From?

Ursula: From Sofawolf Press!

  • At approximately 133 minutes ...

Ursula: Never what you expect. Anyway, we should talk about food.

Kevin: Well before we talk about that, we should talk about something where you can expect things.

Ursula: Umm.

Kevin: Dash Systems, you can expect excellent service in a secure data center. You're looking at me.

Ursula: Aaa. No, that was a segue of segueness.

Kevin: We had to get it in and I'm looking at the other food and I'm not figuring out where we could get it in. Dash Systems is your internet and extranet hosting provider...

Ursula: See I would have gone with the Yum Earth Gummies. You know what else is yummy? Dash Systems.

Kevin: No it doesn't. It's not. No.

Ursula: Alright, carry on.

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