Episode 254 - Turn the Hose on Kevin


We were looking through the podcast food stash, and what should we find but an unopened box! A box full of goodies (and not so goodies) as well as an amazing piece of art. We also have a bunch of frozen foods we picked up at the grocery store, more things from our international travels, and tequila and whiskey made right here in the United States.

We also have dogs, cats, and stories about the new chicken next door, this week when We Eat It, So You Don't Have To!

Topics of discussionEdit

  • Good bulgogi is like a tiny slice of angel
  • Quilt with the Biting Pear of Salamanca by Deirdre
  • There are no more depths of degenerate eating left to Ursula
  • Amazing affordable hotel in Washington, D.C.
  • Possessed paladin and ninja accountant book coming along nicely
  • Bad childhood comfort foods
  • "Disjointed" on Netflix (starring Kathy Bates)
  • "Midsommer Murders"
  • Screed: Devour Chicken Cordon Bleu Mac & Cheese
  • Science could have cured cancer but instead it made Watermelon Jolly Rancher Pop Tarts - Spider-Man panel
  • Ursula not a fan of canned fruit
  • Ernie seems very happy; he has resting tragic face
  • Visiting rooster
  • Sabretooth skull was damaged
  • Kevin's mysterious past working at a truck stop
  • Do not turn hose on mating dogs
  • The allure of crab cakes
  • The drone penis
  • Podcast wikis
  • Productivity Alchemy
  • "The Clockwork Boys" and "The Wonder Engine"


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Episode # Item Rating Scale Source Notes
254 Amy’s Chili Mac & Cheese 1 Drone Penis - Sucked, and there wasn't enough of it
254 Moon Cakes 5 Drone Penis -
254 Stubbs’ Chili Fixin’s Cookin’ Sauce 9 Drone Penis -
254 Roger Wood “The Lumber Jack” Smoked Sausage 6 Drone Penis -
254 Quakers Overnight Oats 2 Drone Penis - Even lazier oatmeal
254 Zelda’s Chocolate Marshmallow Locusts 6 Drone Penis - Not actually locusts
254 Rainbow Ice Gourmet Gum Project 7 5 Drone Penis Gift - Fiddlingfrog Revolting
254 Widow Jane Cacao Nib Whiskey 9 Drone Penis Gift - Fans at Anthrocon
254 Belgian Boys Mini Choco Stroopwafel 4 Drone Penis - Not actually a stroopwafel
254 Devour Chicken Cordon Bleu Mac & Cheese 2 Drone Penis - Lies and Photoshop
254 Velveeta Shells & Cheese Bites 5 Drone Penis - It's not good but you keep eating it.
254 Mann’s Nourish Bowls Sesame Sriacha 7 Drone Penis -
254 Tostitos Dipetizers Black Bean with Garlic 4 Drone Penis -
254 Apple Pie Oreos 4 Drone Penis -
254 Taokaenoi Big Roll Grilled Seaweed Roll 6 Drone Penis Gift - David M
254 Jolly Rancher Watermelon Pop Tarts 1 Drone Penis Store
254 McCrea’s Caramels Single Malt Scotch 12 Drone Penis Gift - Picman(?)
254 Del Monte Fruit & Chia 2 Drone Penis -
254 Emerald Dill Pickle Cashews 2 Drone Penis Gift - Raven Lunatic stationery
254 Chicken Macho Spicy Bulgogi 2 Drone Penis - Filled with regret
254 Taza Cranberry Pumpkin Spice 4 Drone Penis -
254 Taza Maple Pecan 5 Drone Penis -
254 Goodio Mint Chocolate 6 Drone Penis Gift - Lance
254 Goodio Chai Chocolate 10 Drone Penis Gift - Lance Like fucking an elephant god
254 Rising Tide Sea Vegetable Ginger Chewnami 1 Drone Penis Gift - Deirdre
254 Rising Tide Sea Vegetable Maple Chewnami 1 Drone Penis Gift - Deirdre There are ways to make seaweed good. This wasn't it.
254 Cup o Noodles Very Veggie Beef 7 Drone Penis -
254 TimTams Dark Mint 11 Drone Penis -
254 Tortuga Taste of Florida Coconut Rum Cake 3 Drone Penis -
254 Pocky Chocolate Banana 5 Drone Penis -
254 Hickory Bacon Flavor Mustard 3 Drone Penis -
254 Laphroig Lore 10 Drone Penis -
254 Silvercoin Tequila 12 Drone Penis Gift - Fans at Bubonicon
254 Red Baron BBQ Chicken Thin & Crispy Crust 3 Drone Penis -

Amazing stoner food


  • At approximately 36 minutes ...

Ursula: I would have totally eaten these again, but not if they hurt you.

Kevin: Do you know what won't hurt you?

Ursula: Sofawolf Press?

Kevin: Absolutely!

Ursula: No! Sofawolf Press, run by responsible reliable people who will not, who will ship your order and not cause you intense pain and not lose your box for months like terrible terrible human beings. Oh god, the guilt.

  • At approximately 71 minutes ...

Kevin: Is it headed northward or has the cat started to attack her higher on the face?

Ursula: Ehhhhh. You don't learn sweetie, and that is why the cat smacks you.

Kevin: You know who does learn?

Ursula: Uhhhh, Dash Systems?

Kevin: Dash Systems. They are constantly learning new things and it's pretty awesome.

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