Hello out there in internet-land, this is the Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap wiki where we chronicle the chronicles of our heroes' gastronomical misadventures.

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Episode 12 - “Roving Bands of Naked Itinerant Irish”

This week we dive into the depths of a Big Lots and find some real cheap eats. And by cheap, we have stuff for under $2 this week. On the extremely cheap side, we have Hangburger Helper Microwave Singles Cheeseburger Macaroni, followed by Taco Bell Santa Fe Style Beef Bowlz, and finally a NutraSystems Hearty Beef Stew. A grand total of $6 was spent on that part of the review. We also sample Annie Chun's Sesame Seaweed Snacks, Oregon Chai concentrate, and re-visit two past favorites. Along the way, we talk head cheese, read some listener emails, and get a rant on potatoes.

Just another weekend in our kitchen, where we eat it so you don't have to.

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You know what else is edible and isn't bad?Edit

Episode 200 - At Last: LARVA!
At approximately 79 minutes ...

Ursula: Kevin, tell the internet your hopes and dreams while I have more brandy

Kevin: Well, I really hope is that we continue our rock solid service with Dash Systems. Is that a bad segue?

Ursula: That was kinda cheap. I feel that was....tell the internet an actual hope and dream and then you can talk about Dash Systems.

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