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Episode 245 - How many burritos have we had?

We had quite a backlog of breakfast foods, so it was time for mimosas and brunch! And what a brunch it was! Burritos, crust-less quiche, gluten free breakfast cereal, and chicken-fried steak biscuits are just some of the less than spectacular foods we have to eat today.

Add into that tequila experiments, cucumber sodas, and lots of sausage, and you have this week's show when We Eat It, So You Don't Have To!

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You know who doesn't smell like death and fish food?Edit

Episode 80 - Bone Marrow Ramen Transplant
At approximately 18 min ...

Kevin: Fortunately I am not MSG sensitive and neither are you.

Ursula: You know what won't contain MSG? Sofawolf Press.

Kevin: Oh yes.

Ursula: You will want to keep reading when you've started reading their stuff which does give it some MSG-like qualities, it is a sort of reading umami problem, but nevertheless does not contain MSG will not give you an MSG headache, will not give you cancer. Sofawolf Press – not giving you cancer.

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