Somewhere we made a horrible mistake with this one. I mean, it wasn't that we started by buying foods at a Wal-Mart, that *NEVER* goes wrong. No, maybe it was the squeezable nacho cheese sauce. Maybe it was the curry noodles. Maybe, just maybe, it was the block of Pace brand cheese product. Whatever it was, the title shows where the show ended up.

And we even ate all the stuff listed above. And there was a recap of Kevin's Chili from earlier in the week. And there was discussion of some other things, but frankly, it's a bit blurry now since there was also cider and strong beer.

In any case, we go once more into the breach, because We Eat It, So You Don't Have To.

Topics of discussionEdit


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Episode # Item Rating Scale Source Notes
99 Trabanco Natural Cider 4 passive solar homes - Caveat: Flavor is better than a 4, but it does a weird thing on your tongue. Flavor disappears off your tongue really fast.
99 Samuel Adams The Vixen Chocolate Chili Bock 6 passive solar homes - Barely any chili.
99 Pace Cheese Melt 5 passive solar homes -
99 Hungry Man Flatbread Italian Style Chicken 5 passive solar homes -
99 El Rio Nacho Cheese Sauce 1 passive solar homes - Not food.
99 BallPark Bakery Wrapped Brats 2 passive solar homes - Tastes like a breakfast sausage. The bratwurst is a lie!
99 Perky Jerky 7 passive solar homes - Douchebag packaging. Gives money to down syndrome research.
99 Knorr Rice Sides Creole Garlic Butter 5 passive solar homes -
99 Simply Asia Singapore Street Noodles Classic Curry 7 passive solar homes - Intensely curry. Approach with caution, but tasty.
99 Carolina Highland Sparkling Apple Cider 2 passive solar homes -
99 Woodchuck Ginger 5 passive solar homes -


  • At approximately 22 min ...

Kevin: Tina takes you to the best places to birdwatch though.

Ursula: Well, I think my friend Reese listens and she's taken me to some damn fine places to birdwatch too. There was the tide incident too. You know who else will take you to a fabulous place to birdwatch? At least me, I don't know about you. Sofawolf Press!

  • At approximately 36 min ...

Ursula: It was a hot dog sized breakfast sausage

Kevin: It was. Not a full-sized bratwurst.

Ursula: Wearing a foreskin made of dough.

Kevin: Indeed.

Ursula: You know who doesn't have a foreskin made of dough?

Kevin: Oh lord.

Ursula: Dash Systems! God I hope they don't listen to the podcast.

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