So I had this brilliant description for the episode and then fat-fingered the bit where I save it. So you know what? You get this knock off description. You don't know what's in it, and you will not know, unless you listen. Just like we have no idea what some of the things we ate were this week. Until we ate them. And then we found out.

Just like you will, because We Eat It, So You Don't Have To.

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Episode # Item Rating Scale Source Notes
82 Deutsche Küche Peanut Puffs WTF Hellraiser Cubes -
82 Edward & Sons Organic Mashed Potatoes 2 Hellraiser Cubes -
82 Knorr Hutten Lunch du chalet Chas-Spatzle 7 Hellraiser Cubes -
82 Alter Eco Fair Trade Blackout 7 Hellraiser Cubes -
82 Back to Nature Crispy Wheat Crackers 8 Hellraiser Cubes -
82 Goat Lady Dairy Fig & Honey Spreadable Goat Cheese 10 Hellraiser Cubes -
82 Hy-Top Deluxe Macaroni and Cheese 6 Hellraiser Cubes -
82 He'Brew Hop Manna IPA 8.5 Hellraiser Cubes -
82 Chung's Mini-Egg Rolls 5 Hellraiser Cubes -
82 Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate 6 Hellraiser Cubes -
82 Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers Kung Pao Chicken 3 Hellraiser Cubes -


  • At approximately 23 min ...

Ursula: Speaking of fair trade, what was that coffee we got that we bought in bulk for the Keurig?

Kevin: I thought this was a segue to a sponsor shout-out.

Ursula: Oh. Speaking of fair trade as far as we know Sofawolf Press has never done anything unpleasant to a third-world farmer in their life and would be moderately appalled at the notion. Sofawolf Press – not made by sweatshop labor unless you count the publishers who have on several occasions stayed up all night stuffing posters into tubes or going to the mail place like fifty times in a week, but they chose that life so it doesn't really count.

  • At approximately 35 min ...

Kevin: You should start the organic mashed potatoes.

Ursula: You should tell them about our friends at Dash Systems.

Kevin: I should tell them about our friends at Dash Systems.

Ursula: Because I don't know how to tell them about our friends at Dash Systems.

  • At approximately 52 min ...

Ursula: This has the texture of Idaho mashed potatoes I suppose, but I don't actually like the flavor as much.

Kevin: Do you know what doesn't have the texture of Idaho mashed potatoes?

Ursula: Monoceros Media?

Kevin: Damn straight. They can't print on Idaho mashed potatoes either and they get unhappy if you request it.

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