We're about to leave town again, and you know what that means - even more breakfast foods! Starting with the colorful Aunt Jemima Confetti Pancakes, we pop some El Monterey Egg, Bacon & Cheese Breakfast Taquitos into the oven, and nosh out on Deep Chocolate VitaTops. We also thaw a Smucker's Uncrustables Peanut Butter and Strawberry sandwich, heat some Cinnabon Breakfast Bars, and discuss some of our prior dinners - Stouffer's Sautes for Two Steak Gorgonzola, Betty Crocker Jullienne, and Pillsburry Simply ButterMilk Biscuits. Be with us for the thrills, the chills, the betrayal, and the one food that is exactly as advertised on the box.

Remember, folks, we eat it so you don't have to!

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