2017 is here! And for the first episode of 2017, we have the last episode recorded in 2016 - that is, New Year's Eve 2016. And what a treat we have, a box of "goodies" from Greece! Revel at the mysteries uncovered!

OK, they are only mysteries because we don't read modern Greek, but we do our best to figure it out based on the pictures. And in the less mysterious, a box from SofaWolf, with all kinds of tasty things in it. And not-so-tasty things, because it is KUEC, after all.

So greetings, 2017 from 2016, when We Eat It, So You Don't Have To!

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Episode # Item Rating Scale Source Notes
236 Mandala Chocolate Peppermint Honey 2 No Scale -
236 RXBar Apple Cinnamon 1 No Scale -
236 Zaphod bottled by BVSco 3 No Scale -
236 Crispin 15 Men Cider 8 No Scale -
236 Wisconsin Bourbon Bar 4 No Scale -
236 Hunters Reserve Jackalope Bar 7 No Scale -
236 Ranch Dressing Soda -5 No Scale -
236 Sweet corn soda 0 No Scale -
236 Tandoori Chef Chicken samosa 5 No Scale -
236 Full circle market butter chicken 4 No Scale -
236 Farm Rich Mozzerella Bites new recipe 6 No Scale -
236 Good to Go Thai Curry 8 No Scale -
236 Duke Cannon Tactical Lip Protectant 6 No Scale -