We're back from Anthrocon, and who should arrive on our doorstep this week, than the chairman himself, Uncle Kage! He has come bearing gifts in the form of Sake and ShoChu, which we pair with Velveeta Chipotle Mac & Cheese, Hot Pockets, pastry puffs, and w hole range of things found on our travels.

Be warned, this one is not for the faint of heart, when We Eat It, So You Don't Have To!

(Also of note - there is a glitch towards the end, due to a disk issue on the recording machine, so expect a bit of a jump in there)

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Episode # Item Rating Scale Source Notes
226 Avondale Brewing Co Miss Fancy’s Tripel 7 Mustaches -
226 Honkaku Towari Shochu No Mustaches -
226 Popolies Salsa Verde & Chorizo Popovers 7 Mustaches -
226 Yoder’s Good Health Recipe Good For What Ails You 6 Mustaches -
226 Herdez Guacamole Salsa Medium 4.5 Mustaches -
226 Herr’s Sweet Corn Popcorn 3 Mustaches -
226 Herr’s Sweet Corn Potato Chips 6.5 Mustaches -
226 Good Thins The Potato One Sweet Potatoes 5 Mustaches -
226 Heidi’s Chupacabras Revenge Hot Salsa 4 Mustaches -
226 High Road Aztec Chocolate 8 Mustaches -
226 Velveeta Bold Chipotle Shells 2 Mustaches -
226 Tasty Bite Thai Penang Ginger Curry N/A Mustaches -
226 Uncle Ray’s Ketchup Chips 9.5 Mustaches -
226 My Three Sons Pimento Cheese Spread 5.5 Mustaches -
226 Moon Dance Baking Butter Rich Cookie Brittle Sticks 9 Mustaches -
226 Hot Pockets Food Truck Bites Fiery Jalapeno Lime Chicken Rollers 4 Mustaches -
226 Zinger Zzang Candy Bars 4 Mustaches -
226 Chocolat Noir Mazet Dark Chocolate Rasperry Flavor 5.3 Mustaches -
226 Farmer Gene’s Butter Popcorn 4 Mustaches -
226 Ritter Sport Knusper Tortilla Chips 2 Mustaches -
226 Tasty Bite Pad Thai Asian Cuisine 4 Mustaches -
226 Happy Sweet Figueroa Brothers Chocolate Caramel Squares 2 Mustaches -
226 Screamin’ Sicilian Three Little Pigs 5 Mustaches -
226 Bassett’s Lemon Sherbet Drops 6 Mustaches -


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