Noodles, Gnochi, and Wine, that's sort of this week's theme. Starting out with some ? Red Wine from Oreana for Kevin, and Smoking Loon Chardoney for Ursula. Then we dig into some Pasta-Roni Fettuchini Alfredo Sauce, Alexa Beer Battered Chedar Bites, Annie Chun's Teriyaki Noodle Express, Blue Horizon Natural's Shells with Pesto Sauce, and Moo-Moo Maddelena's Gnocchi. Add into that a recipe for Marinated Musrooms, Stuffed Portobello Caps, and a discussion of Neal Stephenson, and it's another episode of cheap eats, just for you.

Remember folks, we eat it so we don't have to!

Hope you enjoy this week's episode!

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